Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Basics of the Right Business Cards

Business cards are very easy to make. With an abundance of software and printers in the public domain, anyone can make business cards. There are also a lot of entities in the market that offer services for making this valuable marketing tool. What lacks in most instances is the ability to make a perfect card that appeals to your unique needs.

The creation of a business card is not simply printing your name, designation, and contact details on a rectangular card.  There are various factors that come into play in the creation of a perfect card that gets the job done.

Apart from serving companies in their marking efforts, business cards can also be a vital tool for professionals searching for new employment. Giving out cards associated with your current or previous employer is not advisable. Rather, you can create cards that draw attention to some of the valuable skills that you possess. In every case format is very important and there is a need to be conscious about the type of information that you put on the cards. Cards travel a lot and end up in the hands of all sorts of people.

Business Signage

Keep It Simple

Your card is supposed to be readable. It mustn’t be cluttered in such a way that obscures the different pieces of information it is supposed to convey. The fonts must also be correct and readable by every person of average vision. You must never go below 6pt in terms of font size and the recommended one is 12pt.


You must ensure that the contact details that are going on your card are accurate. The choice of email must be done carefully to avoid names that might run the risk of sending the wrong message. Information must always be current.

Business Card Etiquette

The etiquette of cards demands that you must have some on you every time you go to a place that has even the slimmest chance of bring you into contact with people of interest to your business.   It is embarrassing to be asked for your card after talking about your business only to find that you did not carry one even in your vehicle.

Online Graphic Designers and Printers

There are several companies that provide online printing solutions for your business cards and  signage requirements, among others. The websites feature an easy to use interface which allows you to customize your cards in a few easy steps.

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