Wednesday, 24 December 2014

All about Hand Pack Stations and Production Automation

For all business needs relating to packaging, there is always the option of automating your packaging line to better meets your demand. Various factories that grow their markets from scratch always look for solutions that they can grow with as they cannot afford to go for full automation at the point of inception. One of the components that are popular not only with small businesses but those that don’t require full-fledged automation is a Hand Pack Station.

Why Automate?

There is a good reason why every company seeks to automate its production processes including the packaging element. Adoption of automated systems enables you to save on time and money and also enhance your professional outlook with the meticulous work and efficiency emanating from automated systems.

While most companies will start with processes that are more manually inclined, it is the need to increase capacity levels and streamline processes that ultimately sees them moving over to automated equipment. Although some attain full automation, they retain some manual functions due to the nature of the packaging involved. It is very possible to achieve a marriage of manual and automated elements to your packaging line and the most common manual element in most factories is the hand pack station which can be designed to accommodate any number of people from one upwards.

Where to Look

There are a number of reliable companies that provide a wide range of systems for any requirement. Options that you have include a modular solution to grow with you or an engineered solution that gives you full automation from the point-go. You can also have the modular units integrated into your existing system. 

Modular units are standalone units that give you a specific type of functionality. Typical examples include:

  •    Hand pack stations
  •   Case erectors
  •   Case packers 
  •   Case sealers

These components are also incorporated into all the engineered solutions and they have the distinct advantage of being self-contained, easy to integrate, maintain and operate. They also give you the inalienable ability to be future-proof, which allows you further growth without shedding your prevailing investment.

You need to find a company that has a service and products which are customer-oriented and a good reputation in the field. The company must have been operational long enough to garner a reasonable amount of experience. Know the products and talk to other companies who are using the same brand to hear about their experiences and recommendations.

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