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Commercial dehydrator- working and use

Are you fed with cooking? Are you afraid of the chemicals being used in foods? Do you want to preserve your own foods in a natural manner? If yes, commercial dehydrators are there to help you. Nowadays additives and colors are being put by the manufacturers into the food. These can be very much harmful to our health and cannot be trusted. With the dehydrator, vegetables and fruits can easily be preserved.

The first question that anyone would ask is what is a dehydrator? The dehydrator is an electronic device with which you can easily dry out the food. Thus the food becomes little crispy and crunchy. It generally comes in oven or round shaped.

How does a dehydrator work? Dehydrators available today in the market follow two different methods. The first method is the fan method. In this method, within the machine hot air is generated. At the rear end, a fan is present which distributes it uniformly throughout. It is considered as the most effective method. In the second method we use heating effect. There is a heating element which is present at the bottom of the unit. As the temperature of the heating element increases, the heat rises from the bottom and reaches to the top going through the trays present in the path. There is a problem associated with it. The trays, which are present at the lower gets heated up very quickly as compared to others. So you should keep rotating these trays.

There are so many models present in the market that people are confused which one should we buy. Let us see some of the models of commercial dehydrators which can give you clarity. The cheapest dehydrator that you can buy is the Ezydri. It is round shaped with heating element at the base. If you think you cannot dehydrate for a long time, then you should choose it on a trial basis. One of its defect is that because of its round shaped, some space is lost. More upgraded version is the Excalibur dehydrator. The price is somewhat higher than Ezydri. Fan is present which makes the process of drying more effective. It comes in two different models i.e. 5 trays and 9 trays models. Next in the list is the Sedona Dehydrators. The size is similar to the size of a microwave. Air flows from the front to the back portion and trays should be kept changing during the whole process. 

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