Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Photo posters- An effective advertising medium

Posters are an important medium of making advertisements about products and services of a company at trade displays as well as exhibitions, apart from decorating your shop premises. In addition to illustrations as well as various other designs, photos can be embedded in the posters and printed with glossy finish in order to attract the customer’s attention. The photo posters offer more visual appeal than merely giving illustrations of your company products in the posters. Also, you can emboss the logo of your company with contrasting colors in the poster that can facilitate your brand name to stand apart in the highly competitive market.

These days, the advancement in designing and printing technology has offered many options in designing the posters and gets it printed in high quality materials. There are several websites that can be accessed for selecting attractive designs for your photo posters requirements. Given below are some tips, while considering for posters with photo on them:

Choose the Big Sites
There are many valid reasons why you must choose the big suppliers only and not the small and unfamiliar poster suppliers.  
The big online shops provide:
  • Have a wide collection of pictures to choose from.
  • The big shops have wide reputation in the market in offering high quality products only and can be trusted.
  • These big online shops have devoted client service section that makes sure a highly satisfactory and quick service in the event of your experiencing any issue.
  • These shops offer competitive prices for the products sold by them.
Take care to the measurements of the picture
Do not place order for the poster picture at the very sight of it, because, at times it may not suit the size of your poster; either it will be too large or too small. Hence you need to be careful to ensure that the picture matches the size of the poster.
Cost effective printing
You need to assess the number of posters you require for a product campaigning well in advance, so that you can save on printing cost. If you go for a large amount of copies, the cost will be reduced and vice versa.

Quality of poster material

This again depends on whether you intend to use the poster for some special occasions for campaigning or need a permanent poster for quite a long time. If the poster you use is for a short period of time, you can pint the poster in lesser quality material. On the contrary, if the poster should be a long lasting one, it is better to print them in high quality material toy give them long life.

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