Friday, 7 December 2012

Benefits and features of whirlpools

Whirlpool tubs are considered to be a great relaxing way to start or finish your day. They are quite larger in size than a standard tub and consist of some additional features, which are usually not found in a normal bath tub. Swirling effect that is produced by different jets of water is one of the most popular features for which whirlpool tubs are quite famous for and also an important feature that makes them different from other bath tubs. This effect is efficient in creating a pleasing and massaging sensation in the body, which is quite soothing as well as relaxing. There are different types of whirlpools and all of them have their own unique features.

Features: - Standard whirlpools are usually available in different shapes and sizes and most of them are made using cast iron base with an enamel coating. There are various other tubs that either have an acrylic tub basin or basins that are made using composite materials. Composite tubs are one of the easiest tubs to install as they are quite light in weight. Most of the whirlpools are available with several ways of shooting water in the tub and some of them even have some additional features of add bubbles to the water.

Benefits: - There are various benefits that are related to the use of whirlpool tubs out of which one of the most important benefits is that they can provide different levels of massage that penetrates into the deep tissues of the skin. This helps the body to release stress and various other harmful toxins. Moreover, women in labor can sit in such tubs for easier contractions. The best part about these tubs is that the water levels can be adjusted to provide different levels of pressure on the body. In fact arthritis patients also benefit from bathing in whirlpools on a regular basis. 

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